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Bartending in Nashville - Have Fun, Meet People and Earn Great Money!

Bartending has reached a record level of popularity since the movie Cocktail, starring Tom Cruise, and the long-running Cheers television series have shown that a bartending career offers excitement, challenge and good clean fun.

Nashville bars are always busy. People enjoy the bar atmosphere when they are celebrating good times, or to lift their spirits during the bad times. With this in mind, bartending has been referred to as a "recession-proof" career.

A career in bartending offers so many choices -- so many built-in-benefits -- that hundreds of people are giving up traditional careers, or augmenting their income with part-time bartending work.

Bartending salaries vary be region, but a bartender in Nashville can expect to earn $100 to $300 a night in wages and tips! That's a salary that is above one most entry-level college grads earn. In addition, most of these entry-level positions with large corporations require more extensive (and expensive!) education and entail working many more hours each week.

In addition, many larger bars and restaurants offer full benefits for employees, and bartenders working for major hotels or airlines often receive additional perks like greatly reduced lodging and air fare.

A bartending career allows people the freedom to choose a work environment that matches their personality. A good bartender can work anywhere in the country, or in the world.

Some bartenders might prefer the hotel or country club environment, while others enjoy the charm of neighborhood bars, or the excitement of nightclubs. What better way to listen to the great music of Nashville than behind a bar making great money? Whatever your preference, bartending in Nashville is a fun and profitable career!

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