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Shirley Richardson - Professional Bartending School of Cincinnati Graduate
"I'm a hair stylist full time. Professional Bartending School held a special morning class for myself and two others. I got a part-time bartending job at a dance club right away. Great Money! Thanks to the Professional Bartending School."

Shirley Richardson - Hurricane Surf Club
Saadia Aguste - Professional Bartending School of Cincinnati Graduate "After I graduated, Iwent to Florida for thirty days. I stopped in the Ft. Lauderdale school, and they placed me in two private parties for the Miami Dolphins, and Peabo Bryson. I actually served Dan Marino! I made six hundred dollars in four days! It really helped pay for my vacation and when I went in to the Ft. Lauderdale school, it was like having a friend in a new city!"

Saadia Aguste - Hyatt Regency Hotel & Brandies

Jeremy Pellman - Professional Bartending School of Cleveland Graduate "All my friends said I didn't need to go to bartending school. They said I could just learn behind the bar at a little neighborhood pub. I attended the Professional Bartending School in Cleveland, and I got a job at one of the hottest bars on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter in New Orleans! I guess I showed them!"

Jeremy Pellman - Cigar Bar - Bourbon Street in New Orleans

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