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Learn Cocktail Recipes Online With Our eLearning Flash Cards!

The Cocktail Challenge is a fun and exciting way to learn cocktail recipes online. This interactive electronic flash card program was created by Professional Bartending Schools of America as an interactive study tool for students and has been converted into a fully functional software program and released to the public in 2011.

The Cocktail Challenge program is elearning at it’s best. Our virtual cocktail recipe flashcards work in three modes to make learning cocktail recipes fast, easy, and fun.

Play the PBSA Cocktail Challenge Bartending Game Online!

  1. Study Mode— View the information for the first time, no pressure. Study at your own pace.
  2. Learning Mode— Learn recipes and self test yourself at your own pace.
  3. Challenge Mode— Timed and automatically graded. Test your knowledge in a timed test.

The Cocktail Challenge has been custom-designed to match our textbook recipes, including ingredients, method of preparation and serving, garnishes used (if any) and handy word clues to help you remember the ingredients.

There are approximately 125 recipes of the most popular drinks today (martinis, margaritas, shooters and classic high balls, to name just a few), along with pictures of actual drinks! Also included in the Challenge are 7 instructional videos of step-by-step preparation of a particular drink. More videos are soon to come!

The Cocktail Challenge is a perfect study tool for bartending students. It is also a fun way to learn cocktail recipes to make at home. Impress your family and friends with your newly-acquired drink-making skills!

The Cocktail Challenge runs on most any Windows computer using Windows Home, ME, XP, Vista or 7 computers. It will also run with just about any MAC with OS10 and an updated browser. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox are supported. And, coming soon, an iPhone version in the first quarter of 2011!

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