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2012 PBSA Laminated Bartending Drink Recipe List (Front Side Only)

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This is the same list many of our bartending schools give to every student as a part of their supply package. These are the same recipes we teach to over 7,000 bartenders each year.

The list is professionally laminated with 5 mil ultra-clear lamination. It is waterproof and tear-proof!

PBSA Laminated Recipe Guide

Professional Bartending Schools of America uses our copyrighted Professional Mixology textbook to teach our students to mix over 125 traditional and trendy drinks from memory using basic recipes, garnish rules and word associations. These proven methods make learning these drinks a fun and memorable experience. Our textbook includes another 125 recipes for the student's reference. Each campus adds regional drinks that are popular in their local area.

All of our recipes are formulated to professional pouring measurements and glassware. Recipe books you can buy at the book store or on the internet are usually compilations of drink recipes from many different sources. If you spend time analyzing these recipes such as the Mr. Boston book, you will find tall drinks with recipe amounts of 4, 4 1/2, 5, 5 1/2 and 6 ounces. Yet all of these drinks go in the same glass in a bar which typically holds 5 ounces when filled with ice. A professional bartender cannot make drinks using these inconsistent recipes.

The bar owner or manager controls how much alcohol their bar will pour in each drink, regardless of what a bookstore manual says. Our drink recipes are all formulated with this consistent, easy-to-learn method. PBSA believes in teaching a responsible pour consistent with the major responsible service programs such as ServSafe, TIPS and TAM.

Our Drink Recipes Below (Just a list now, clickable soon!)





1800 Margarita Daiquiri Liquid Cocaine Quaalude Velvet Hammer
57 T-Bird Dewars & Soda Long Beach Tea Vodka & Tonic
7&7 Dirty Mother Long Island Iced Tea Vodka Gimlet


Dirty White Mother Long Island Iced Tea II


Alabama Slammer DOM B&B Lynchburg Lemonade Raspberries & Cream
Alexander Dreamsicle Lymchburg Lemonade II Red Death
Almond Joy Red Devil West Indies Yellow Bird
Amaretto Sour Red Headed Slut Whiskey & Water
American Flag



Red Snapper Whiskey Sour
Apple Jolly Rancher Electric Lemonade Mai Tai Rob Roy White Monkey
Apple Martini Flaming Dr. Pepper Manhattan Rob Roy - Dry White Russian
Fuzzy Navel Manhattan - Dry Rob Roy - Perfect Wine Cooler
Manhattan - Perfect Rum & Coke Woo Woo Shooter


Margarita Rum Runner Yellow Bird Collins


Margarita - Top Shelf Rum Sour Zombie
B-52 Gibson Martini Russian Quaalude
B-53 Gilligan's Island Martini - Dry Rusty Nail
Non-Alcohol Drinks
Bacardi & Coke Gimlet Martini - Extra Dry
Bacardi Cocktail Gin & Tonic Martini - Bone, Desert
Bahama Mama Gin Rickey Martini - In & Out


Banana Berry Freeze Girl Scout Cookie Martini - Vodka Salty Dog
Banshee Godchild Martini - Apple Sambuuca
Bay Breeze Godfather Martini - Blue Scarlet O'hara
Beachcomber Godmother Martini - Chocolate Scotch & Soda
Beam Me Up Scotty Golden Margarita Martini - Chocolate II Screwdriver
Bellini Good & Plenty Martini - Grand Sea Breeze
BJ Grand Mimosa Martini - New York Sex on the Beach
Black Martini Grasshopper Martini - Peach Sex on the Beach II
Black Russian Greyhound Martini - Raspberry Sex on the Beach III
Bloody Brain Melon Ball Sex on the Beach Shooter
Bloody Maria Melon Ball II Shark Bite
Bloody Mary


Miami Ice Sidecar
Blue Carnation Hairy Navel Mimosa Silk Panties
Blue Hawaiian Harvey Wallbanger Mind Eraser Silver Bullet
Blue Kamikaze Hawaiian Punch Mint Julip Singapore Sling
Blue Long Island Highball Mojito Slipper Nipple
Blue Margarita Hot Toddy Mudslide Shooter Slippery Nipple II
Blue Martini Hurricane Mudslide Tall Sloe Comfortable Screw
Blue Tail Fly Mr. Goodbar "SCS" Up Aganist a Wall
Boccie Ball Sloe Gin Fizz
Bourbon & Coke


Sloe Screw
Brain Incredible Hulk I Snakebite Shooter
Brandy Alexander Incredible Hulk II


Snakebite Shooter II
Brazillian Monkey Irish Car Bomb Negroni Sombrerro
Bubble Gum Irish Nut Nutty Irishman Spritzer
Buttery Nipple Stinger
Bushwhacker Stone Sour



Strawberry Daiquire

Jelly Bean Oatmeal Cookie Strawberry Margarita


Old Fashioned Strawberry Shortcake
Cafe Gates Orgasm Sunburn
Cape Codder


Orgasm - Screaming Surfer on Acid
California Lemonade Kahlua & Cream Sweet Tart
Cement Mixer Kamikaze - Rocks Sangira Recipe
Champagne Cocktail Kamikaze - Shooter


Cherry Bomb Keoke Coffee PB&J Shooter
Cherry Coke Key LIme Pie Pearl Harbor Tequila Sunrise
Cherry Lifesaver Kir Pina Colada Tequila Sunset
Collins (All Variations) Kir Royale Pink Squirrel Three Wiseman Shooter
Colorado Bulldog Kool Aid Planters Punch Three Wiseman II
Cookies & Cream Kool Aid - Killer Pousse Cafe Three Wiseman III
Cosmopolitan Presbyterian Toasted Almond
Cosmopolitan II Purple Hooter Tootsie Roll
Cosmopolitan III


Purple Haze Tropical Lifesaver
Creamsicle Lemon Drop Turquoise Blue
Cuba Libre Lemon Drop II

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