San Antonio, Texas - Local Job Placement Program

Our placement director will meet with each student to offer advice and to review current job openings each week.

The Texas Bartenders School of San Antonio, Texas will work with each graduate until they are happy with the job they receive!

San Antonio Job Placement Program - How it Works

Local Job Placement Program:
The Professional Bartending School of San Antonio has increased and strengthened our commitment to assisting our graduates in finding employment in the field of bartending.  Each graduate is immediately eligible for worldwide job placement assistance.  As a participant in a worldwide alliance of bartending schools, our graduates have the flexibility of utilizing job placement services in cities worldwide.  Locally, graduates meet with the Job Placement Director to discuss the different employment opportunities available in the San Antonio area, interviewing skills, application processes and job-search techniques.

Our school has developed an excellent reputation with establishments throughout San Antonio and surrounding areas for training the best bartenders!  Our job placement rate is over 80%.  We have connections resulting from superior service to establishments throughout the years, referrals from thousands of graduates, hundreds of graduates who have climbed into management positions and are now making hiring decisions.  The Job Placement Director works hard to make sure that the positions we recommend to you are a great match to your needs and talents.

Full-time or part-time positions are available in the industry.  Many of our graduates who hold full-time jobs in other industries begin bartending part-time in the evenings and on weekends.  Many college students bartend part-time while taking classes, and then switch to full-time positions during the summer.  Bartending is a great part-time position to make some extra money working catered events or private parties.

There are many different types of establishments that our graduates are employed.  These establishments include night clubs, restaurants, neighborhood bars, sports bars, airports, hotels, country clubs, billiard halls, cruise lines, resorts and much more!