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Have fun and meet people! Learn professional Bartending - Mixology at the Mixology Wine Institute in Bethlehem - Allentown, Pennsylvania. Day, evening and Weekend bartending classes offered.
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Learn Behind an Actual Bar From our Qualified Instructors!

Learn behind an actual bar from our qualified instructors at the Mixology Wine Institute of Greater Philadelphia!

Learn behind an actual bar from our qualified instructors at the Mixology Wine Institute of Greater Philadelphia!


Our instructors are trained and experienced bartenders. They are constantly updating their bartending skills and their teaching skills to ensure that they will effectively deliver current and updated information. The instructors are always available to provide plenty of one on one personal assistance.

We teach and train you in state-of-the-art and comfortable facilities in all of our locations. Our simulated on the job training can allow you to become a top-notch mixologist, and as a result get the best bartending jobs.

- Our Mixology program is designed to provide the student with comprehensive training in all areas of professional bartending. The students learn how to mix popular and classic drinks and gain the working knowledge of bartending duties, alcohol awareness, and customer service. The training is hands on behind a real bar.

Bar and Beverage Management - The program is designed for managers to gain a thorough understanding of how to deliver the responsible alcohol service demanded in today's society. This program covers the operation and management of cocktail lounges and bars. It includes layout and design, equipment, control procedures, customer relations, staffing, marketing the facility, sanitation procedures, and regulations affecting operations.

TIPS® - Training for Intervention Procedures by Servers of Alcohol - MWI offers a training session that teaches bartender how to prevent drunk driving and misuse of alcohol. The participants in the program are trained by a certified instructors to detect the signs of intoxication and intervene effectively to prevent alcohol-related problems.

Flipping/Flair - We believe that bartending is more than just pouring a drink. Our head instructor is a showmanship master and we are excited to offer flipping and flair classes, which teach the student how to increase their tips with fun and showmanship.

Wine - The elegant, educational, and engrossing wine seminar conducted by the Wine School of Philadelphia and tailored specifically for bartenders. You will learn everything from presentation, to establishing wine rapport with the most refined expert as well as suggesting what wines should go with various meals and occasions. All this will be taught while giving students a chance to savor the tastes and aromas of a variety of wines. Santé!

MWI offers day, evening, and weekend classes. We also cater to individual schedules

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