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Have fun and meet people! Learn professional Bartending - Mixology at the Mixology Wine Institute in Bethlehem - Allentown, Pennsylvania. Day, evening and Weekend bartending classes offered.
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Have Fun and Get a Nightlife - Become a Professional Mixologist!

Learn bartending and mixology the professional way behind an actual bar from our qualified instructors!

Have fun and meet people as a professional mixologist at a great bar in the greater Philadelphia area!

Mixing Drinks:

When was the last time you were at a bar? Did you look around? What do you know about this industry? It's a tough world to break into. The corner bar and on-the-job training are disappearing. Customers are more educated than ever before. They know the names of chefs, they know about wine, they enjoy the scene and they are also more demanding. They are looking for someone who is as knowledgeable, as personable, and as demanding as they are. In this more professional environment-if you're not fast, organized, and effective you won't last too long.

Bars are always busy. People enjoy the bar atmosphere, whether they are celebrating good times or to lift their spirits during the bad times. Bartending may very well be the recession-proof career. Bartending offers flexible scheduling, great pay and job security.

Pay is always a consideration when choosing a career, and bartenders have great earning potential. A skilled bartender can earn three to four hundred dollars a week part-time and between five to eight hundred dollars a week full-time. These figures are considerably higher than many entry-level positions with large corporations and other careers that require more extensive (and expensive) education and training.

Bartending allows people the freedom to choose a work environment that matches their personality. A good bartender can work anywhere in the country, or in the world. Some bartenders prefer the hotel or country club environment, others want to be in the hottest nightclubs, and some just want to work in a friendly neighborhood pub.

At the Mixology Wine Institute (MWI), we have created programs to answer that demand. We provide the education, the speed, the organizational skills as well as customer service and alcohol awareness.

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