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Welcome to our New York City Bartending School - NYC

Lear behind an actual bar the New York Bartending School in Manhattan.

The New York Bartending School - NYC

68 West 39th St. 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10018
Director: Denise Coonan

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The New York Bartending School is licensed to operate by the Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision.

Our New York City Bartending School is located in Midtown Mahattan:

The New York Bartending School is located in midtown Manhattan, NYC. We are the only bartending school in New York City that is a member of Professional Bartending Schools of America. We provide our graduates with job placement assistance at quality PBSA schools throughout the United States.

There are only four state-licensed bartending schools in Manhattan. Of the four bartending schools in Manhattan, the New York Bartending School is the largest with 2 floors and 26 fully-equipped stations. We are also the only bartending school in NYC that offers graduates three real bars to guest bartend at.

Our school has been featured on local, national and worldwide TV and recognized worldwide as a reputable bartending school. Take a free hands-on intro class and then we suggest you go and check out the other bartending schools in New York and see the difference for yourself!

Bartending in New York City can be a tough world to break into.  Corner bars with on-the-job training are few and far between. NYC customers are more educated and sophisticated than ever before.  They come from all over the world, they know about wine, they enjoy the scene and they have become more demanding. 

Manhattan customers are looking for a bartender who is as knowledgeable, as personable, and as demanding as they are.  In this more professional bartending environment-if you’re not fast, organized, and efficient you surely won’t last very long in New York City.

Not surprisingly, 7 out of 10 bartenders will attend a professional bartending school to facilitate their entry into this lucrative profession.  Without the professional bartender training that is all but required by popular and trendy bars, clubs and restaurants these days, you won’t stand a chance of beating out those that have it.

The New York Bartending School has created programs to answer the demand for professionally trained bartenders.  We provide the bartending education, the speed, the organizational skills as well as customer service and alcohol awareness at our Mahattan campus. Then we will follow up your training with the best job placement assistance available.

Take the time to check out all of our pages and then TAKE THE NEXT STEP! Request more information on our New York City bartending school or call us today and we will show you how we can help you get started in your new bartending career!

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