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Local Bartending Job Placement Assistance

Our placement director will meet with each student to offer advice and to review current job openings each week.

The Professional Bartending School of Boston has job placement services available in over 90 locations accross the United States.

Job Placement:

At the New York Bartending School our comprehensive training goes hand-in-hand with our personalized job placement assistance program.

  • Full-time job placement director for one-on-one assistance
  • Online Job Placement site that lists real bartender job leads for our graduates
  • Bartending experience behind local New York City bars after graduation so that our graduates have that additional experience and confidence
  • Continued support to help our graduates throughout their careers

The New York Bartending School will provide you with job leads, interviewing skills, resume assistance, and one-on-one assistance. Of course it is our excellent training that will help get you in the door - the confidence that comes from that training, combined with your personality and persistence is what will land you the job and keep you there!.

Our success, and yours, is based on our training and a realistic and honest job placement assistance program. Our Job Placement Director works very hard to help each student find the job that they are looking for. We have placed our graduates in some of New York City's best and busiest bars.

Whether you want to work at a friendly neighborhood bar where everyone knows your name, a fancy restaurant or a busy nightclub, we'll try hard to find the right bar for you. Our job placement director takes a personal interest in each student while they are in our school and understands that each student has a different need.

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