Phoenix, Arizona Bartending School

Learn behind an actual bar from our professional instructors at the Phoenix - Tempe, Arizona Bartending Academy!

Learn bartending flair behind an actual bar from our professional instructors at the Phoenix - Tempe, Arizona Bartending Academy!

The Bartending Academy of Phoenix, Arizona

The Bartending Academy employs instructors who have years of succesful experience in our industry. Each Instructor uses the Professional Bartending Schools of America Instructors manual when teaching class. This ensures that each student receives consistent training from class to class. The instructor adds tips and tricks from their experience base and adds their own personality to their teaching. Classes are fun and informative.

Programs Offered

Bartending/Mixology - The most complete bartending training program available. Be able to work almost anywhere with the skills and confidence needed to make a profitable and rewarding career. The purpose of this course is to provide the student with the knowledge and skills required to perform as a competent bartender at the entry level.

This course is forty hours in length. The lessons cover over one hundred and fifty drinks, as well as beers, wines, customer service, private parties, and responsible liquor service. The student will have daily quizzes tracking progress in class. The final exam is a written test requiring 87% or better to pass, followed by a practical test in which the student will make 12 drinks correctly in no more than 8 minutes.

All lessons are conducted in exactly the same manner. First, the lecture is given by the instructor on the specific lesson for this class period, during which five (5) steps are followed in explaining each drink in the lesson;

  1. Description
  2. Appropriate Glass
  3. Ingredients and Exact Measurements
  4. Appropriate Mixing Method
  5. Proper Garnish

The instructor then demonstrates the making of each drink in the lesson. During the remainder of the class time, all students practice making drinks, under the close supervision of the instructor.

Practical Bar Management - it all looks to easy. Pour drink, sell drink, ring-in the profits. In fact, extracting profits out of a beverage operation is quite challenging. Between waste, spillage, free dinks, over pouring, theft and other operational maladies, the managers job is getting tougher every day.

Covering virtually every aspect of a beverage operation, this class goes from analyzing bartender and server productivity to explaining how to use pour cost formulas to increase profits. This class delves into how to increase profits, reduce the establishment costs, raise the service bar and how to do it al in a step-by-step format.

Learn how to use simple math to achieve higher profits, how to protect the bottom line through portioning, the effective pricing methods to reduce costs and increase profits. The class covers hiring and retaining employees, avoiding the high costs of shrinkage and employee theft, and marketing to increase guest visitations.

Alcohol Awareness Basics - Bartenders, waiters, waitresses and other servers and sellers of alcohol must be aware of how alcohol affects people. Also, they must be aware of what their responsibilities are when serving and selling alcohol.

During this clas session, you will learn how alcohol causes intoxication, how to intervene when you believe that your patrons are abusing alcohol, and what to do if a patron on your premises becomes intoxicated. You will learn the major laws, statures, rules and regulations that govern the actions of all owners, managers, employees and patrons of licensed establishments.

Alcohol Awareness Management - All managers, licensees and agents are required to attend a training class that has been certified by the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control. All material is taken from the Arizona Revised Statutes Title 4 and Title 13 and the Arizona Administrative Code Title 19.

Bar Magic - Great ice breakers to increase tips and popularity. Keep your customers entertained and in awe. They wil keep coming back to you to see how it's done! (of course, you'll never reveal the trick!) Everyone loves magic. Increase your popularity and be the life of the party!

The course tuition includes all props, equipment and detailed instructions taught by professional magicians. The student will be taught a minimum of (6) six bar tricks to be used over and over.

Master Flairtending - The skills, knowledge, and confidence required to perform as a competent exhibition bartender are provided. This course will also increase the bartender's value to the establishment as well as increasing his/her income potential. The five hour course will cover flair techniques involving use of the mixing tin, beer bottles, liquor bottles and glassware.

The students will be expected to practice outside of class. Flairtending is an art, not a science. Everyone does things a litle differently, and if it looks good, breaks nothing and makes the guest happy, then everyone wins.

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